Mi Purpose: the App for Busy People


Mi Purpose is exactly what every busy person needs. We know that you no longer need (or want) pads of paper, post-it-notes and lists everywhere. 

Multiple places to manage your life is clunky, stiff, and outdated… like walking in heavy boots, 

however it’s still important to map out your life’s direction and plan your road map so you can stay on track. 

This is why we invented Mi Purpose, the only app that helps you reach your purpose. 
Mi Purpose is a tool for anyone who hates wasting time on boring, outdated methods for managing time. 
With Mi Purpose, you can break things down
piece-by-piece to focus on what you want,
when you want.


Mi Purpose has tools for:

  • Productivity (Progress tracker, color coding, chunking and drag-and-drop calendar)
  • Goals (Input Quarterly Milestones and monthly goals that match your vision and purpose)
  • Vision Board (Create the vision and purpose for each important role of your life and upload images to embed in your emotional memory)
  • Coaching Workshop (Take a coaching workshop designed by experts to tease out your purpose and vision, create a certificate that is the mission for your life)


Basically, Mi Purpose is giving you tools for everything you need and making it stupid simple for you to use.

Take a look at the features on Indiegogo.com

Not only is Mi Purpose providing a fantastic service, we are doing so for WAY less than we should. 

Ordinarily, what’s offered in this deal would cost you $210 per year! 

But today only we are offering it for only $84! That $84 covers you for life!
Lifetime deal for only $84!? 

What in the world are you waiting for?

Click here for lifetime access to Mi Purpose

P.S. The countdown is ticking. Once the offer expires on the live campaign this deal will close!

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