Archetypes of Shamanic Astrology – Discovering Your Souls’ Blueprint RSVP with Penelope Richards 760-468-8738 for this Saturday October 14th's 10am-6pm event at the beautiful Keys Creek Lavender Farm & Retreat in Valley Center. Discover and Unlock the Secrets and Gifts of Shamanic Astrology™ Don't miss this once in a lifetime event “Discovering Your Souls’ Blueprint - The Archetypes of Shamanic Astrology” hosted by Master Shamanic Astrologer Anyaa McAndrew. This one...

Discovering Your Souls’ Blueprint – The Archetypes of Shamanic Astrology

Learn how Shamanic Astrology™ creates greater awareness of your life purpose and its relationship to Great Mystery. Master Shamanic Astrologer Anyaa McAndrew is visiting from North Carolina, bringing to San Diego her one-day intensive class “Discovering Your Souls’ Blueprint - The Archetypes of Shamanic Astrology.” Anyaa is the 2nd to be certified of only 50 in the world in Shamanic Astrology and works closely with the originator of Shamanic Astrology, Daniel Giamario. Together they ta...

Mi Purpose: the App for Busy People

  Mi Purpose is exactly what every busy person needs. We know that you no longer need (or want) pads of paper, post-it-notes and lists everywhere. 

Multiple places to manage your life is clunky, stiff, and outdated... like walking in heavy boots, 

however it's still important to map out your life's direction and plan your road map so you can stay on track. 

This is why we invented Mi Purpose, the only app that helps you reach your purpose. 
Mi Purpose is a tool for anyone who hates wa...