Michelle Price: Principal, A Third Mind Digital Media

mprice1When Michelle Price escaped from Cubicle Nation after 23 years in corporate America, she went from “wage slave” to the “lifestyle business” she craved, and put her first expert on the map, online. Within 9 months, their online strategy landed his book on 3 national best-seller lists, including the NY Times & Wall Street Journal.

Today, Price is Principal of the boutique agency, A Third Mind Digital Media. For 18+ years, she has been on the leading edge of using emerging internet technology, content and online social networks to discover the Conversations and influencers to help accelerate her clients success.

Price is a self-professed “social media capitalist”, a trainer and mentor who is recognized by peers for not being afraid to share her innovative ideas and thought leadership on turning social influence and connectivity into currency. Her mission is to help experts with books who trade lots of time for too few dollars (consultants, coaches, speakers, trainers) to leverage their books and other content into an online training business with recurring revenue.

Her key strategy is deciding in advance what “Conversation” you want to Own (Lead), online. She analyzes your existing web presence and marketing platform through the lens of an internet empowered consumer and online influencer.

A Third Mind then helps you position, package and propel your thought-leading ideas into the right channels online. We mentor and teach you to Lead The Conversation using both well known, and stealth strategies of social media to accelerate and perfect influence.

Price is also passionate about teaching women experts The “Business” of Thought LeadHERship. Thought Leadhership increases a woman’s influence and income by differentiating their ‘thinking’ to set themselves apart from the crowd, and making targeted social connections with influencers, that accelerate business success. Her mantra is “Connectivity is the New Currency(tm)” and she is considered by her peers to be one of the most connected people on the planet.