Visilink is a private, web delivery service that can be used to store, share and distribute any form of digitial asset with stakeholders who have access to the internet. Visilink is used predominately by organizations that have the need for the privacy of their visual content, the separation of content for discrete audiences and the tracking of content viewing. Visilink gives you the ability to target your training to exactly those audiences you intend, and keep it away from those you wish to exclude. Reports give you the analytics you need to determine if your intended audience actually consumed your content.



#KESocial is a unique cooperative Social Content Distribution Network spanning several platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and serves small business owners and entrepreneurial ventures that utilize content marketing, curation and syndication as a means to meet their online marketing objectives. Clients using the service directly benefit through time savings; all they do is supply content through their blog and their content is immediately broadcast to their own social media following as well as the entire#KESocial Network. Additional benefits include targeted audience, traffic growth and cooperative, leveraged marketing. For more information, please send all inquiries to



Whether you’re raising $5,000 – $50 million, Jian’s proprietary software BizPlanBuilder helps you write an investment-grade business plan quickly and efficiently. Menu-driven from start to finish, its organized system gives you sample plans, built-in financial projections and proven PowerPoint presentation. With 25+ years of advancements, 2.3+ million copies sold and billions raised, it’s the fastest, easiest way to turn your ideas into a compelling plan for a successful business. Multi-user capability enables secure collaboration over a network or the Internet. Proven successful many times over with angel investors, banks, the SBA, and venture capitalists worldwide. (It helps you give them what they want so they’re comfortable funding you…) BizPlanBuilder comes in 2 flavors: Downloadable Windows App or Web-based and compatible with all Mac and Windows browsers.



logo provides cloud-based software that empowers all employees at every level of your business to contribute meaningfully toward your company’s success, and ultimately their own. Their platform works by using game mechanics to align employees with a company’s core values, recognize achievers, and reward success. They believe that by helping companies to identify and track strategic objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) their software effectively enables companies to monitor progress, assign tasks, and maintain employee focus in real time with proven tools that drive participation and high performance.



Customer Support – A Necessary Evil or a Strategic Weapon

Do you want your cake and eat it too? If so, and you are running operations, finance or customer support functions for an organization – you have come to the right place.

Most support organizations today find themselves between a rock & a hard place. They are being pushed from one side by the internal (Company) expectations of “Do more with less!” and external (Customer) expectations of “Better Service!” Add to this the increasing need to constantly train, motivate & monitor an overworked staff due to rapidly shrinking product lifecycles, high attrition and competitive pressures and you say, “What gives?”




My Best Year Ever allows you to set goals, track your plans, and manage your time – All in one place! My Best Year Ever is a proven 3-step system designed to help anyone produce extraordinary results, both emotionally and practically.

  1. My Plan™ includes 14 questions designed to tease out what you really want in every area of your life or business (Results).
  2. Set Your Goals with an interface that is easy to use and gets you focusing on tasks that yield results.
  3. Our proprietary “Dump. Chunk. Do.” App uses clever color coding and association to keep you organized and on task. “Dump” tasks to free up head space, break down tasks into “Chunks”, then drag and drop them into your “To-Do” planner.

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