Penelope Richards

Penelope Richards is an entrepreneur who worked in the corporate world thirty years with Fortune 500 companies including Apple Computer Headquarters in Silicon Valley and Genentech in South San Francisco. She was a key coordinator and strategist with a startup company between Apple and IBM in the early nineties blending these two diverse entities into a new corporate culture. Her background was originally theater public relations in San Francisco, then pharmaceuticals, and ultimately Apple’s Law department (HR Law.) She switched to Apple’s R&D which later became Kaleida Labs with IBM.

She entered the nutraceutical industry in 2007 with a company she formed with her former husband, a PhD in Organic Chemistry, and was the Public Relations/Marketing Manager. Her life purpose is to continue to bring quality holistic healing products and services to the planet through her own company, Gaia Goddess. Combining mind/body/spirit and tantric philosophies, she encourages and empowers all – especially women – as a speaker, organizer, dot connector and product developer with workshops seminars and retreats. She is currently launching her new website soon, “”

She is a mentor to women and young people and has been a volunteer “Big Sister”, foster mother then mother to her own two children, now grown, and continues to help young individuals on their life’s paths.

CEO & Founder HALO Leaf of Life