The Power of Systems Thinking in the Workplace


The Power of Systems Thinking

in the Workplace

Third New Agreement – Be a Systems Thinker


Join us on the Success Solutions Live radio show Monday June 1st 2015 at 9:00 am PT as we welcome guest David Dibble.

David Dibbleis an exciting author and thought leader now offering the ground breaking program “The Four New Agreements for Leader and Managers,” a powerful systems-based humanistic approach to creating sustainable growth in companies.

The Four New Agreements for Leaders and Managers is poised to become a revolutionary model for leadership and management in the workplace. Each one of The Four New Agreements is powerful in its own right, and even on their own each one of The Four New Agreements has the power to significantly improve almost any business.

The 3rd New Agreement, Be A Systems Thinker, is probably the single most powerful Agreement when applied to business. In fact, if leaders and managers everywhere were to implement the 3rd Agreement in the workplace, business as we know it would be changed forever… and for the better, both in business and our world as a whole.

In this 30 minute radio program David Dibble, Founder of Dibble Leaders, will share:

  1. What is systems thinking?

  2. How is systems thinking critical to good leadership?

  3. How did David dibble become a systems thinker?

  4. What are New Agreements systems improvement tools?

  5. The science that is part of your tools?

For eight years David worked directly with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. Prior to that he was a serial entrepreneur and founding multiple businesses. David became an expert on systems-thinking, systems improvement, and practical applications by applying the work W. Edwards Deming, Peter Senge, and the great Buckminster Fuller pioneered in his own businesses.


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