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VisilinkWhat is Visilink?
Visilink is a private, web delivery service that can be used to store, share and distribute any form of digitial asset with stakeholders who have access to the internet.

Why use Visilink?
Visilink is used predominately by organizations that have the need for the privacy of their visual content, the separation of content for discrete audiences and the tracking of content viewing. Visilink gives you the ability to target your training to exactly those audiences you intend, and keep it away from those you wish to exclude. Reports give you the analytics you need to determine if your intended audience actually consumed your content.

What difference does it make if content is streamed, or downloaded?
This depends on your specific need. Visilink give you the flexibility to allow (or to not allow) your viewers to stream OR download your content.. The value of streaming is the ability to immediately access the content and to permit access-on-demand. Downloads permit your user to consume the content when they are off-line. Visilink give you and your viewers options.

How many viewers can Visilink accommodate?
Visilink can accommodate streaming video content to audiences of virtually any size. We are integrated with global content delivery networks optimized for streaming both video recordings AND live broadcasts to any number of viewers located anywhere in the world.

Are there any limits to the size of audience that can view a live video stream?
There is no practical limits to the viewing size of an audience

How long a “live” event can the Visilink service stream?
There is no real limit, other than the viewer’s attention span, to the length of a live broadcast.

Is there a limit to the number of digital files Visilink can store?
There is no limit to the number of files that can be stored by the Visilink system.
How do I get started?
Please fill in the information in the “Contact Us” form and we will follow up with you.

Why does Visilink use a Global Content Delivery Network for the delivery of video content?
Visilink takes advantage of Global Content Delivery networks for the delivery of video streaming or live broadcasting to ensure an un-interrupted viewing experience.

Can Visilink support streaming live video to tablets and iPads?
Yes, Visilink does support streaming video to mobile devices that support either Flash, HTML5 or iOS HLS (http live streaming).

What video input formats does Visilink support?
Visilink supports most of the popular video formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, and FLV.

Can I upload a HD video file onto the Visilink service?
Yes, you can upload an HD video onto the Visilink service. Depending on the viewer’s internet service, they may or may not be able to view video in an HD format.

Does Visilink convert my video file to other formats automatically?
Yes, when the Administrator uploads files for viewing, multiple pre-selected formats are automatically created.

Is the Visilink system capable of supporting an eCommerce application?
If the sale of video assets is required, Visilink is able to support the addition of an e-commerce capability. This gives you the ability to make money from the consumption of your original content.
Do you also support multiple subscription levels?
Of course. Each user has a profile, and content is available to them depending on the content access levels and authorizations you set up.

Can the Visilink system be set up to automatically authenticate users?
Yes, the Visilink service can be integrated within a company’s back office service in order to support a single sign on process for users. This means the video player, digital libraries, detailed tracking and live broadcasting capabilities of Visilink become transparently available within your existing portal or membership site.

Can the Visilink service support the segmentation of content for individual users or user groups?
The Visilink service can be used to provide access to specific content items by unique or discrete users or user groups. This segmentation can be set up according to the your specific business criteria.

What tracking/reporting services are provided by Visilink?
The Visilink system provides reporting based on individual content items or on individual users consumption behavior. Quizzes and surveys can be easily added to augment your assessment of your audience’s comprehension of your content. These capabilities are ideal for certification and for audit.

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