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"I was amazed how far we came in only two days. By the end of the second day we were actually doing the necessary systems work to solve operational problems that have plagued us for years." -Theresa Shave CEO "Our work with The Four New Agreements is helping us to understand that systems not people are most often the reason for errors and inefficiency. We are becoming a significantly better organization – one that can serve as a model for what organizations can become." -John Rossfeld CEO "Applying The Four New Agreements in our business over the last 25 years has helped us remain relevant and successful in this ever more competitive business environment in which we all find ourselves. Systems Thinking – making good strategic choices and practical systems-based implementation have proved invaluable." -Barry Matties I-Connect007

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The Four New Agreements for
Leaders and Managers

Wednesday June 10 8:30 am – 5 pm




david_dibble_casualFor over 25 years David has hosted The Four New Agreements for Leaders training workshops and taught systems thinking tools that significantly improve business. 

This stuff really works! – David Dibble


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